Literature Review

Pre-Class Readings and Videos

At this point you have (1) generated a personal codebook reflecting variables of interest to you from your data set; and (2) selected an association that you would like to test. You are now ready to conduct a literature review using primary source journal articles (i.e. those reporting original research findings).

Please watch the following video:

Now that you are (hopefully) inspired about the importance of contextualizing your research question with prior research, the following set of material will help you with the steps in looking for literature.

In the three videos that follow, you will be guided through the steps in this process (1) locating primary source literature (2) setting up an Endnote library and (3) finding articles.

Finding Resources

Literature Review

To install EndNote on your computer you can find the appropriate installer for your machine here.

During Class Tasks

Work on Project Component B and continue to refine your research question.

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