Connection Instructions

1.  How to access the virtual environment (Citrix) for
access to  SPSS, Stata, SAS, R,
and other software applications using your web browser  at  That is all you may need

If you want o install the Citrix workspace here is the information from ITS.

·         For Mac

·         For Windows

If you run into any problems accessing the system you can open a support ticket at or contact the ITS help desk. They can assist with troubleshooting your access ( See also other ITS support resources at

·         NOTES:

2. How to access the dragon directories: This is where we have some shared directories (folders) for the course (\\dragon\courses\) You can access the directories via the virtual desktop at (no VPN required)

if you want to mount a volume (mac) or map a network drive (windows) you will need to establish a VPN connect first. See instructions on how to connect from your computer at:

Access to statistical computing software

(note: all software from myapps.wes   “see” the dragon directories )

SAS  — via

SPSS  — via

STATA  — via


We can access it

1) at or

2) download and install it on your computer.

Step1: download and Install R
R is a freely distributed language. Go to the R project’s page:  and download and install the version for your machine.

Step 2: download and install RStudio
R Studio is an Integrated Development Environment – a package that “sits” on top of R and makes code writing and debugging easier. You should install R Studio after you install R. Go to  and download the version for your machine.