Mini-Assignment 1

Mini-Assignment 1: Medical Records


Although you will be working with previously collected data, it is important to understand what data looks like as well as how it is coded and entered into a spreadsheet or dataset for analysis. Use the medical records for 5 patients seeking treatment in a hospital emergency room to accomplish the following:

  • Select 4 variables recorded on the medical forms (one should be a unique identifier, at least one should be a quantitative variable and at least one should be a categorical variable)
  • Select a brief name (ideally 8 characters or less) for each variable
  • Determine what range of values is needed for recording each variable (create dummy codes as needed)
  • Label variables within an Excel spreadsheet
  • Enter data for each patient in the Excel spreadsheet
  • List the variable names, labels, types, and, response codes below the data set (i.e. the code book).
  • Submit the excel sheet in moodle under Mini-Assignment 1.

Sample Submission: