Exam 4 Details

At the time of the exam you will be given the location of a data set on P-drive/dragon. The file will be available in the following formats (Rdata, dta, and sas7bdat). Therefore, be sure you practice how to load these file formats.

The exam will be approximately 12-15 questions and will require you to perform data management tasks, numerical summaries of variables, construct univariate and bivariate graphs, perform bivariate hypothesis tests and post hoc tests, and construct regression models (linear regression and logistic regression). You will be asked questions about the output of these tasks (which includes determining significant relationships, confounding, distributions of variables, etc.). You will not be asked any questions on moderation.

You are permitted to use one page of notes for the exam and you are allowed to use the translation syntax as well.

The last question of the exam will have you copy/paste your program into the exam.