Blog Entries

Almost every week you will be blogging about your project.  To submit your blog please look on the “Add new entry to this course” and not “Add new entry”).  Make sure you leave the default option selected (Publish to: Anyone on this site). Your blog title should be “Blog Entry 1” or “Blog Entry 2”, etc.

Please consider the writing prompts below when you discuss the progression of your course project. You may decide to instead talk more generally about the progress of your project that given week. Relevant Project Components should be included in your blog as appropriate.

To see all of your published blog entries (or to edit existing ones) go into moodle and search for the Blog Menu (“View my entries about this course”).

Blog Entry Writing Prompts:
  • Project Component A
  • Did you struggle to find literature that pertained to your project?
  • Are you happy with your research question? Are you having trouble focusing on one topic or association of interest?

(due Friday, January 31st at 6pm)

  • Project Components B&C

(due Friday, February 7th at 6pm)

  • Project Components D-E
  • Do you feel like your project is on track? If not, what type of support do you feel you need in order to move forward?
  • What type of data management decisions do you still have left?

(due Friday, February 14th at 6pm)

  • Project Component F
  • Project Component G
  • How do your findings connect to your expectations?
  • How does this graph help you answer your research question?
  • Describe any current roadblocks on your project. What is your next step in moving forward?

(due Friday, February 21st at 6pm)

  • Project Component H
  • Connect your findings to your bivariate graph

(due Tuesday, March 3rd at 6pm)


  • Describe additional variables you want to bring into your study. Why do you think they are important or interesting to explore?
  • Project Component I
  • Include a graph of your main explanatory and response variable along with the 3rd variable you are using in project component I.

(due Friday, April 3rd at 6pm)

  • Project Component J

(due Friday, April 10th at 6pm)

  • Describe anything that you are working on. This may include:
    • A new visualization or graph you think you would like to use on your final poster.
    • A new analysis you have performed
  • Do have any questions or concerns about your project? This will be your last opportunity to get written feedback from your peer mentor?

(due Friday, April 17th at 6pm)

  • This final entry could take many different forms – you might continue and/or conclude your research, you might reflect back on your experiences, you might think about how your experiences will affect you as you move forward, etc.

Examples of things you may want to reflect on:

  • What would have you liked to do with more time or knowledge?
  • How would you characterize your learning in this course?
  • Did you figure something out that you didn’t think you could?
  • What surprised you about your work in this course?
  • How did blogging contribute to the progression of your project?

(due Tuesday, April 28th at 6pm)